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Brand Creation

Is brand creation making a logo? No, it's far more expansive. It's your entire window to the world. Best make sure it's as excellent as it can be.

Brand Services

  • Brand Strategy

    We start by knowing the whole thing, there is to know about your business. Through in-depth organization interviews, we garner insights about your company's past, present and future. We conduct a thorough competitive analysis to establish where your company exists in the marketplace. We conduct both spectators and market research to identify and understand what your customers are thinking. From this data we establish your positioning and write your brand story to highlight your differentiation across all communications channels.

    From your logo, to collateral materials, to your website, every interaction with the market should be a consistent reflection of your brand.

  • Logo Design

    Your logo isn't something that you just have to do once you open a business. It's far, far more than that. It is the foundation of your brand and instantly defines who you are. Shapes, colors, orientation, every bit of it matters. Cleveland logo design company Eastern Bytes understands that a logo must stick in viewers' minds and separate you from all of your peers.

    Our brand strategists and designers ensure that your logo is relevant, significant, and unforgettable.

  • Corporate Identity

    Some agencies consider corporate identity as business cards and letterhead. We consider it as a set visual guideline that defines your brand. As your company grows, a tight corporate identity will ensure that your brand grows with it. When properly executed, your corporate identity will answer any and all questions concerning your company's visuals.

    We delivers the entire suite of corporate identity essentials including signage, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoices and all other critical business documents.

  • Design For Print

    We have a wide portfolio of print work under our ring, with the majority of design created within the brochure format. In corporate infrastructure, it's always important for businesses to carry reliability with a strong printed piece. It also works really well in a space where people just don't have the time to mess around with technology. It's instant and doesn't need the latest version installed. Print can be super effective in the sales process, getting people hooked on its tactile facade.

    A well designed piece of print will always carry a sense of standing and value. Although we carry on about the significance of digital, we have also cut its teeth on a healthy slim of hard copy creative.

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