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Bluecast Proximity Marketing

Bluetooth Media Broadcast

Direct Delivery of Marketing Content

Use bluetooth to promote brands of your clients by delivering their marketing content in shopping malls, restaurants, clubs, or at big events. This platform is a feature-rich, fully rebrandable hardware+software platform for running Bluetooth proximity campaigns and measuring their effectiveness.

Eastern Bytes provides end 2 end service integration & tech support

  • Additional Wi-Fi Capibilty as ADD ON
  • Web control panel for media upload
  • Change content & rank order on the fly
  • Support for all types of multimedia formats
  • Built-in Coupon/Lottary Wizard

Where It Works

1. Install bluAir and reach your customers at the point of sale, where no other electronic form of marketing can reach them!

2. Inform them about actual best bargains, special offers, happy hours.

3. Offer your customers added-value content like map of the mall with the list of stores.

4. Information for resellers: 73% of our customers consider shopping mall as the most desirable place for Bluetooth campaigns. See if you can get in contact with managers of such a place in your area, place bluAir there, and start earning money out of Bluetooth marketing immediately.

1. Bonus Offers

2. Auto-generated Trackable Discount Coupons

3. Coupons for Free Gifts

4. Product Advertisements (pictures, animated GIFs)

5. Brand Awareness Building Content (videos, ringtones)

6. Java-based Product Brochures

Where It Works

1. Event Agenda/Guide with a map

2. Products Catalogue/Brochure

3. Sample Music (at Concerts)

4. RSS-actualized scores, results (e.g. football matches)

5. Mobile Wallpapers

1. Public Transport: Airports, Railway Stations, Bus Stops

2. Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Night Clubs

3. Hotels, Casinos

4. Tourist Attractions: Museums, Travel Offices, Seightseeing Points

5. Stadiums

6. Cinemas, Theatres, Operas

7. Schools, Univesities

8. High-traffic Pedestrian Areas

BlueCast - What To Send To Customers ? >> Download Presentation File

What is Proximity Marketing ?

Brand retail outlets, Shopping Malls, Electronics Showrooms, Multiplexes can opt to install Bluetooth Wi-Fi Kiosk inside their premise. These machines will continuously scan the area for Bluetooth Enabled Devices/Mobile Phones, in proximity and can push data over the air to multiple conections or phones simultaneously. A customer inside a shopping mall/retail outlet considered in the proximity zone receives a personal invitee on his mobile phone and can also connect with Wi Fi for internet usage by performing LIKE on the company FACEBOOK page.

  • No technical or designing skills required
  • Deliver marketing content instantly
  • NXT Generation Bluetooth Wi-Fi Advertising
  • Built-in Social Media Integration

Our Process

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